What’s New With Post A2Z Social Media Android Application Update (Version 11.1)

Post A2Z helps you to chat, post, share and earn. It is a platform/App/Messenger where anyone in the globe can come and make friends, chat, grow their business, create content on our app and earn money. In other words, It is not just help you to connect with friends or families but help you earn money and grow. Significantly, It is not just a social networking app, it is a platform where you can connect with people and grow business and career.

What’s new with version 11.1 of Post A2Z

[Added] New redesigned theme for 60% of the Post A2Z App.
[Added] QR Code on user profiles.
[Added] Live post on news feed.
[Added] Advertisement system.
[Added] New Exo player version.
[Added] Background player for voice posts.
[Added] New redesigned tabs.
[Added] New 7+ Image posts styles.
[Added] New Report system.
[Added] Ability to search by username by adding ”@”.
[Added] Google UGC privacy.
[Improved] Reels video functions.
[Fixed] Scroll issue on my profile.
[Fixed] 25+ Reported bugs.
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