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Welcome to IASmind.com, an UPSC exam portal. The IASmind, brings to you the latest happenings and UPSC examination syllabus related Feeds from India and the World across all categories. Devoted to providing original and significant study materials to its viewers. IASmind is an Educational and Research Foundation which Provides all kinds of resources for IAS/UPSC, IIT-JEE, AIIMS EXAMINATIONS WITH THE ANALYSIS OF CONTEMPORARY ISSUES AT LARGE . 

IASmind, an educational portal registered under the MSME, Government of India, founded on 12/12/2012 (Unique date, month and year) by Founder and CEO, Trilok Singh. Our offices are situated in Delhi and Bihar, India. Revenue Model We have a self-sustained, bootstrapped and advertising-based revenue model generated through online advertisements and sponsored articles.

Here at IASmind.com we not only train our Friend’s/visitors to achieve their goals in UPSC and PCS examinations 100% free but also makes the Friend’s/visitor’s confident, energetic and ethically motivated to play their roles effectively and Contemporarily even after entering Civil Services and PCS.

IASmind.com provides their visitor’s a strong foundation of Basics through the effective,relevant,contemporary Article on all kinds of Contemporary issues, Geo-political issues, Foreign Affairs, local and cultural issues, Ethical issues and much more. which are essential for cracking the civil services examinations. IASmind.com uses the High Tech, Advanced and Alternative IAS Study methods such as:- Use of Smart Idea/information’s/Discussion etc.’

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